• 13th February
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Back In The Swing of Things…

My goodness! I can’t believe it’s Spring semester of my junior year…ALREADY. I swear I say this too much but: time is going by faster than I could have ever imagined.  I am only a student at UD for two more semesters after this one. It’s so hard to believe!  I know that this semester will be one of the most challenging, but I also can tell already that it is going to be over before I know it.  I love all of my classes, and all of my professors are so engaging…even in World History (which is not a class I would typically enjoy going to).

I also can’t believe that I am back from studying abroad in London…no one on the trip really wanted to come home.  We all agreed that we could have stayed there for an entire semester. It was truly incredible.

Now that I am back in Delaware, I feel like I have never left. It is great to see all of my friends again, and be back into the swing of things as a student at UD.  I still absolutely love it here.  I wouldn’t change anything about my time and experience at the University of Delaware…at all.

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